Applied Coffee Systems

On the 11th of February, the coffee connoisseurs of DNA Lab started a small operation called Applied Coffee Systems!

Applied Coffee Systems logo3

We sip thru 2-4 cups a day in a workweek… we used to suffer nasty coffee tasting of grimy filter residue from the police shop bcoz we didnt have time to go to a decent café…we yearned for a fresher bean delivered by a quality machine…n make it worth our while… thanks to Alson we found a good deal on an espresso machine and made a bit of market research and got in touch wit wholesalers of coffee capsules, creamers and sweeteners.


we sell our Lavazza cheaper than police shop, in fact even the milk coffees are cheaper than any café in Malé…. the beans are kept in freshest possible state and u can also get Illy which is just so much smoother…


we have big plans to open this up to customers outside of FSD… hope it all goes well, with Madhih as CEO, Sameer as the Coffee Technovator, Alson as Accountant, and me as Chairman, this is one venture that will continue to arouse the nostrils of any decent coffee lover…

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